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Front Views

Vest with Traditional Pants

Vest with Optional Shawl

Coat with Traditional Pants

Parade Robe with Removable Collar

Parade Robe with Optional Shawl

Santa and Mrs. Claus Custom Wardrobe

When you get right down to it, portraying Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus is no different than the job of actors in Hollywood who are paid to portray people, real or fictional, on television and the movies. One of the great things about both Santa and Mrs. Claus is they are both mythical characters and there is some leeway on how those characters can be portrayed and we, as a community, can help mold some of the expectations in today’s public.

The founders of J & R Santaprises have strong roots in theatre. What better way to bring your inspiration of what you want your Santa or Mrs. Claus character to look like than through the knowledge of award winning team of a costume designer and a costume constructionist. We have the knowledge of the look and construction details of both period pieces and more modern attire. We have a breadth of knowledge about different fabrics, techniques, and embellishments that only come from years of experience in theatre.

The single most common request we get from Santas is a vest that looks like it is part of the suit and appropriate to wear without the coat. All of our Santa suits include a vest to give you that flexibility. We have received nothing but positive feedback, not only from those Santas in warmer climates that like to take a little off during their private visits, but also from Mall Santas who have told us that not only are they cooler, they believe they are more approachable by the children.

Have Any Questions?

If you're unsure how to get the ball rolling or if you just have some general questions that aren't answered elsewhere on the site, just drop us a short message below and we will contact you soon.

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