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Thank you for choosing J & R Santaprises for all your bespoke Santa and Mrs Claus clothing needs!

We look forward to working with you to create a look that reflects your style and personality. This is accomplished over several meetings and fittings, outlined below. The total cost of your custom wardrobe is spaced out over the entire process, which is about 2 and a half months.

Meet and Greet – we meet each other and discuss what you are looking for. For Santa, the project usually includes pants, a vest, coat, and a hat. Are there other requests such as a continental coat, a parade robe, or other extras such as shirts? For Mrs Claus, are you looking for an outfit to stand alone or to compliment and coordinate with your Santa? What other accessories are part of your wardrobe vision? An estimate of total cost will be developed after the scope of the project is determined, and usually presented before this meeting is over.

Measurements and Design Deposit – Once you have decided to proceed with the project, we will take all necessary measurements. $100 non-refundable design deposit is due at this time. This fee will be subtracted from the final total labor cost.

Inspirations – This is your opportunity to really let us know what your vision of your clothing looks like. There are many places from where your inspiration may come. Maybe it’s another Santa’s suit, a wardrobe from a movie or play, or even the set or location can offer design inspirations. We encourage you to get a Pinterest account and create an inspiration board. Then post pictures of whatever it is that inspires your dream for your new outfit. Oh, and be sure to email us a link to that board once it’s ready!

Designs – Based on the scope of the project and drawn from your inspirations, Elizabeth will create and present costume sketches and renderings. This is your first opportunity to see your vision put on paper. Any modifications required to the design will be noted and a final design will be approved. Some of the things that will be finalized at this meeting include options for pants, hat details, type of fur, closure details for coat, and the type of fabric to be used. Actual fabric selection will come at the next step. Other embellishments to make your outfit uniquely yours will be firmed up at this time. [Time frame: 2-3 weeks after design deposit.]

Mock-up Fitting – Once the designs are agreed upon, Brittany starts working on the mock-up using a muslin fabric. This is where we incorporate some of the design nuances and eventually how the final patterns are created. At the mock-up fitting, any required alterations will be marked and noted, as well as your feedback. Please have your actual belt and boots or other shoes with you for this fitting. After the fitting, we will discuss your fabric options. We will provide fabric swatches and discuss the pros and cons of each of your options. If there are coordinating pieces as part of the project, swatches for those items will also be presented to show how they work together. $500 – $750 non-refundable payment for fabric is required at this time. [Time frame: 2-3 weeks after design approval.]

Fashion Fabric Fitting – You will try on your outfit for the first time! This will still be mid-way in the construction phase, so there will not be any closures, and no embellishments or fur yet attached. We use this time to ensure proper fit and mark precise placement and width of fur as well as locations for any buttons and other embellishments. Half of the labor cost is due at this fitting, $600 – $800. [Time frame: 2-3 weeks after mock-up approval.]

Final Fitting – You will try on your garments to to make sure everything is perfect – check the fit, hem, sleeve length, etc – making sure you are 100% happy. [Time frame: 2-3 weeks after fashion fitting approval.]

Drop off / Pick-up – Your outfit is complete. Final payment is due. [Time frame: 2-3 weeks after final fitting.]


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