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Due to the custom nature of all our work, a detailed cost estimate cannot be developed until the scope of the project is confirmed.

We know, however, one of your first questions is “How much is all of this custom work going to cost?” Below is a breakdown of where you can begin.

Basic Santa Package: includes pants or knickers, vest, coat, and J & R Santa Hat

  • Labor – $1300
  • Fabric – $500

Includes 3 years of minor upkeep: hems, trim repair, patches, and buttons resewn

Custom Additions (includes fabric and labor, prices are estimates)

  • Deluxe Trim – add $400 – $800
  • Second Pair of Pants or Knickers – $200
  • Overcoat – $800 plus (varies greatly depending on design and scope)
  • Cloak – $500 plus (varies greatly depending on design and scope)
  • Second vest – $250
  • Custom Embroidery –  based on $20 per hour

Santa Ready to Wear and Accessories

  • J & R Santa Hat – $195
  • Santa Shirt – $100
  • Santa Bag – $150 – $200 depending on design, type and quantity of fabric
  • Jabot – $20
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