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Brittany Johnson - J & R Santaprises

    Brittany Johnson

    • Lead Tailor Elf
    • Duties: Brittany creates the dream you and Elizabeth have imagined. Working closely from the design sketch, she determines the best way to construct the design,  patterns the mock-up, fits and alters the mock-up, then sews the final outfit. Brittany’s not happy until you’re happy.
    • Bio: Brittany completed her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Costume Technology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2004. She also has her Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in costumes from University of Florida.  Brittany pursued her career as a Costume Technologist in New York City after graduation. She spent 2 years working at one of the top Broadway costume shops as a Cutter/First Hand. Brittany moved to Atlanta in 2006. She worked in the costume shop of the Tony award winning Alliance Theatre as well as Freelancing as a Constructionist around town. Since 2010, Brittany –has worked as the Costume Shop Manager and taught costume construction classes for Kennesaw State University.
    • Favorite Cookie: Brittany’s favorite cookies are the ones she makes for her family:  Chocolate chip, Mint chip, Quick as a wink and Not So Sweet Sugar cookies.
    • Favorite Christmas Gift From Santa: My favorite Christmas present is watching the excitement and awe of the Christmas spirit in my sweet Violet.

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